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Clinical research sites can generate profitable results, but only if you understand the mechanisms that make them successful. With more than 20 years of experience buying, launching, running and selling clinical sites throughout the United States, David Wilson offers invaluable knowledge that can turn your new or struggling business into a powerful profit center.

Retain Strategic Excellence,
Maintain Business Control

From site startup to crisis management, Wilson Clinical Consulting is the perfect ally, enabling you to utilize one of the industry’s most knowledgeable minds, without sacrificing company equity or control. David Wilson’s fee-only services allow you to make your own decisions with full confidence and trust.

Years in Business
Sites Opened
Studies Conducted

Everything You Need to Know From the Pro Who Has Lived It

Wilson Clinical Consulting offers targeted services based on real-world experience. While many consultants rely on theory, David Wilson’s guidance reflects hands-on work in every aspect of clinical research site operations.

Site Selection / Management

We provide insight and guidance on site selection,
including the development of comprehensive questionnaires, and conducting oversight
consistent with company guidelines.

New Site Origination

Assistance includes research, initial site setup, business
development outreach and specialized staffing and training.

Business Development

Wilson Clinical Consulting assists with expanding and
improving your development pipeline, to ramp up both Early Phase and Phase II-IV

Staffing / Operations

Consultation involves recommendations and strategies for strengthening staff, expanding training opportunities, and building resources for future partnerships.


Internal audits focus on tracking protocol deviations, queries, the principles
of GCP, internal and sponsor SOPs and adherence to regulatory guidelines.

Quality Assurance

Many improvement protocols are established, as well as corrective
and preventive action plan tools, enhanced with detailed root cause analyses.

Project Management

A wide range of support includes assuring adherence and oversight, preparing progress reports, identifying and contracting project vendors and
preparing key regulatory documents and budget agreements.

FDA Rapid Response

Extensive on-site review of charts and regulatory documents,
including help with FDA 483s, prepares you for any regulatory inquiries or requests.

Virtually 100% Success Rate

If you’re looking for a track record, David Wilson has it. Whether conducting FD or
sponsor audits, assisting investigators, delivering high-quality data, and enrollment for sponsors and CROs or even solving staffing issues, he has achieved virtually a 100% success rate. And his keen understanding of all FDA mandates and guidelines can save your site time, money, and headaches.


David Wilson has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative and accomplished professionals in the clinical research site industry. Within the course of a little more than 20 years, he has launched and managed a wide range of highly successful sites throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, Puerto Rico, and more. Many of these purchases were previously failing endeavors that David – applying his enthusiastic, meticulous approach – turned into thriving operations. In his roles as both a site originator and turnaround expert, he has served in all types of capacities, including CEO, recruiter, shareholder, and, in David’s words, “even unclogged the toilet a few times.”

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